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Platform Testing

iTech Labs has tested many platforms for various jurisdictions around the world, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and the UK, just to name a few. We focus on the most important aspects of Platform testing – compliance, software quality, thorough reporting and on-time delivery. With set prices and work delivered according to an agreed time schedule, iTech Labs helps ensure that your Platform complies with all relevant standards, and that it’s a reliable and resilient product.

Platform Testing
The main areas covered are:

  • Player registration and accounts
  • Privacy
  • Player protection
  • Backup & recovery
  • Security

Platform testing usually involves Regression Testing of at least one game and tournament, as well as checking all links.

What types of Platforms do we test?

  • Casino Platforms
  • Poker Platforms
  • Sportsbetting Platforms
  • Base Platforms (Player account platforms integrated to third party Game Platforms)

What are the deliverables for Platform testing?
While testing is in progress…

  • Weekly or bi-weekly progress reports with percentage progress for each module, and details about any issues holding up or delaying testing are sent
  • Weekly or bi-weekly defect reports including screen shots, steps to reproduce, detailed explanations, customer comments, and priorities to indicate problem severity

On completion of testing…

  • A report outlining the evaluation conducted and the results of that evaluation
  • A certification logo to be placed on the gaming site, and
  • A linked certificate indicating compliance with the tests carried out. A hot linked original certificate is maintained on the iTech Labs web site for verification of authenticity