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RTP/RNG Audits (Game outcome audits)

iTech Labs conducts regular independent audits of game outcomes for many casino operators around the world, to confirm that game outcomes are as to be expected. We conduct two kinds of game outcome audits – Return To Player (RTP) calculations and Random Number Generator (RNG) output analyses. Both use actual game data from the game servers. RTP audits are conducted for all single casino games, to assure players and casino operators that the game payouts continue to be close to their theoretical expectations. RNG audits are generally carried out on multiplayer card games, dice games and ball games, to assure that the cards/dice/balls continue to be random.

RTP and RNG audits are generally done monthly, with audit reports published on the relevant gaming site afterwards. They are also hot linked to the original reports at the iTech Labs site. These audits provide players with added confidence that the games they’re playing are subject to external scrutiny, and remain fair.

RTP and RNG audits
RTP audit: The total bets and wins for each game are calculated after extracting the relevant data from the game logs. The actual RTPs (percentages of total actual winnings to total bets for each game) are then calculated. The actual RTPs of all games are then compared against theoretical RTPs. Overall RTPs for each game type are also calculated.

RNG audit: This is generally done for multiplayer card games, dice games and ball games. For example, for an RNG audit of Poker games, the shuffled decks of cards dealt are extracted from the game logs, and actual probability for various game related events (e.g. Royal flush, Straight flush, Dealer blackjack, Player blackjack) are calculated and compared against theoretical probabilities. The actual card distribution for ranks and suits is also calculated, and compared against theoretical probabilities. Similar analyses is also done for dice games and ball games.

In addition, iTech Labs conducts a number of sanity checks to ensure that the data extracted from game logs is consistent and complete. This is achieved by analyzing the distribution and pattern of data for the period of evaluation.

What are the deliverables for a RTP/RNG audit?
For RTP/RNG audit, our deliverables are the following:

  • A certification seal\logo to be placed on your gaming site
  • A linked certificate showing results of the audit, with the original certificate maintained at the iTech Labs web site, to verify authenticity

Submission requirements
Game logs need to be sent monthly. For RTP audits, bets and wins up to the player session level for each game are required. For RNG audits, information on cards/dice/balls for each game is required. For example, for a Poker game, cards dealt (preferably the full shuffled deck) for each game are required. We conduct sanity checks on the data received, so abnormalities in the data supplied will be identified.

How to start the process
We offer excellent value for a quality service at a fixed price. The first step is to e-mail us the details of your systems (e.g. URLs, the number of and types of games), types of audits needed (e.g. RTP, RNG), and the frequency required for the audits. We will then prepare a fixed price proposal for your consideration. After acceptance of the proposal, you can start sending the game logs. For some jurisdictions, we may have to remotely supervise the extraction of data. We invoice monthly for the audits.

Example of an RTP audit report

This is to confirm that iTech Labs has examined the casino game logs in the gaming system of Gaming Company for the month of Month, YYYY as recorded by the respective game servers. iTech Labs has calculated the Return To Player (RTP) for all the games using the data from the game logs.

The table below lists calculated RTP’s for real games played at the Gaming Company game servers. These game servers service the following internet gaming sites:
www.xxxx.com www.yyyy.com www.zzzz.com

Game Name Actual RTP
Baccarat 99.82%
Blackjack 97.80%
Roulette 97.25%
Video Poker 96.27%
Craps 96.44%
Slots 95.20%
Average payout for all games 96.90%

The actual RTPs shown are percentages of total actual winnings to bets for each game type. They do not reflect outcomes for individual games or future games. iTech Labs has completed limited sanity checks to verify the integrity of the game logs. iTech Labs also maintains a copy of the game logs for verification purposes. There were a large enough number of game records to give the RTP calculations sufficient statistical power.

Example of a Poker RNG Output audit report

Actual and theoretical probabilities for various Poker hands

These calculations were done for Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3 of a Kind, 2 pairs, 1 Pair, High Card. The following table compares the observed proportion of times the various types of hands occurred (Sample column). Probability column shows the theoretical values. Lower and Upper are the 95% confidence limits.

Hands   Probability   Lower   Sample   Upper
Royal Flush   0.00003   0.00003   0.00003   0.00003
Straight Flush   0.00028   0.00027   0.00028   0.00029
4 of a kind   0.00168   0.00167   0.00168   0.00169
Full House   0.02596   0.02591   0.02598   0.02601
Flush   0.03025   0.03020   0.03024   0.03030
Straight   0.04619   0.04613   0.04623   0.04625
3 of a kind   0.04830   0.04824   0.04824   0.04836
2 pairs   0.23496   0.23483   0.23505   0.23509
1 pair   0.43823   0.43808   0.43823   0.43838
High Card   0.17412   0.17401   0.17404   0.17423

 Comments on analyses of Odds on Various hands:

All observed probabilities (Sample column) are within the 95% confidence limits. The results indicate statistical randomness for various Poker hands.