Statistical, Math and Strategy Evaluations 2019-08-23T12:50:49+10:00

Statistical, Math and Strategy Evaluations

If your software involves any statistical computations, mathematics or strategy, an independent evaluation by iTech Labs will ensure accuracy and consistency.

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Statistical, math and strategy evaluations are something that iTech Labs is very well equipped to carry out. With a background in online gaming platform testing and a team of experienced mathematicians, iTech Labs can be trusted with your complex evaluations.

We conduct theoretical calculations or simulations as required. The purpose being to ensure the coding behind your software is consistently accurate, and the outcomes are as expected. There’s nothing worse than releasing software only to realise your mathematical formulas are slightly off, skewing your entire product and damaging trust in your brand.

With iTech Labs, you can be sure that everything is checked by independent and experienced eyes, allowing no room for surprises!