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Gaming Consultation for Regulators

iTech Labs consultants have vast experience working with government regulators in the establishment of practical regulatory and supervisory systems and procedures, both for terrestrial gaming and online gaming.

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The regulatory services* iTech Labs provides include:

  • Periodic RTP and RNG audits
  • Audits of Gaming systems
  • General consulting to governments or regulatory jurisdictions who are considering legalising online gaming
  • Assistance with the drafting of legislation and regulation
  • Drafting and implementing minimum internal control and operating systems (ICOPS)
  • Anti-money laundering controls
  • Technical and operational capability analyses of prospective license applicants
  • Provision of human resources to regulators for the initial startup phase of a regulatory and supervisory system
  • Compliance auditing including onsite audits of gaming operator’s compliance activity with regulatory jurisdiction’s mandated rules, regulations and reporting requirements
  • Investigations relating to cheating and fraud related activities associated with online gaming operators and players
  • Development and drafting of technical standards for online gaming systems and ancillary components
  • Technical Due Diligence for externally purchased and/or developed software

*This service is only available to government regulators.