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Functionality Testing

During Functionality Testing we ensure that all individual modules operate as they are specifically designed to – both in an individual and integrated capacity.

In addition to this, we ensure that connectivity remains strong between all modules and the outside world.

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Functionality Testing typically involves the following elements:
  • Identification of any applicable government regulations the software is expected to comply with
  • Identification of all functions the software is expected to perform
  • Creation of input data and determination of output
  • The execution of test cases
  • Comparison of actual and expected outputs
  • Checks on whether the application works as expected
  • Connectivity tests
  • Functionality testing of each individual module
  • Integration tests

Functional Testing does not just imply testing a function or method – our testing gets even more in depth, and tests a slice of the functionality of the whole system (this is also known as end to end testing).

The staff at iTech Labs have been conducting Functionality Testing for clients around the world for many, many years. With a focus on online casino games and social games, the work that comes through to the team at iTech Labs depends greatly on their ability to uncover issues and bugs that perhaps other testers could overlook. This reason, among many others, means that the testing procedures and staff experience at iTech Labs set them far above the competition.

We prepare test scripts with test cases covering every type of requirement covered in a module specification. This is to ensure that your software does everything it’s supposed to.

Our testing procedures are thorough, our prices are competitive, and we are dedicated to working around your deadlines.

If you are in need of Functionality Testing, please don’t hesitate to contact the iTech Labs team here.