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Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is when the value of a software system is assessed – whether a system is reliable, resilient, scalable, and is compliant to all relevant standards. This is being done increasingly in Internet Gaming, as the industry continues its consolidation.

Buyers require independent technical assessment of the vendor’s systems. These buyers will be interested to know whether the systems they are buying are scalable to meet future growth targets, and are compliant to relevant standards. They will also be interested to know whether the vendor’s systems will pass independent testing and certification, according to relevant standards, without major additional investment.

This is where iTech Labs comes in…

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The Principal Consultants of iTech Labs have been involved in Internet Gaming from the inception of regulation of the industry. Our activities in this area include internet gaming technical standards, evaluation/certification of a large number of internet gaming systems, and technical due diligence of internet gaming systems worldwide. We have conducted technical due diligence on a number of systems in addition to conducting audits and reviews of procedures for internet gaming systems.

Technical due diligence helps to assess the following:

  • The gaming system is reliable and resilient
  • The system is scalable to meet future growth requirements
  • The system is compliant to relevant gaming standards
  • The system meets security requirements
  • The system keeps an adequate level of game history and audit logs
  • There are adequate interfaces for back-end operations
  • There is effective collusion and fraud prevention mechanisms in multi-player systems
  • System reports are adequate
  • The system implements international player protection mechanisms
  • The Random Number Generator is correctly implemented
  • The operator has proper internal control manuals
  • Critical modules of the gaming system are monitored for unauthorised changes
  • If the system is not yet certified for a reputable gaming jurisdiction, we can estimate the investment needed for the system to become accredited in the jurisdiction of your choice

As technical due diligence is done at a very high level, this is not a replacement for full independent testing and certification, which is conducted in much greater detail.