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Sports Betting Testing

iTech Labs has tested many Sports betting and Pari-mutuel wagering systems for our customers around the world. With Sports Betting Testing, as well as our other services, we make sure to always deliver according to an agreed time schedule that fits your project timeline. In addition, we provide you with a fixed price up front, and a service focused on compliance, software quality and thorough reporting.

Sports Betting System Testing
Our testing ensures that the online wagering on Sports betting events comply with the relevant standards, and that the wagers are correctly placed and that all outcomes are compliant with the rules. We also ensure that placed wagers are resolved and paid, based on the correct odds. Testing is predominantly carried out on online platforms (PC and mobile), and occasionally on land-based systems where appropriate.

Pari-mutuel System Testing
Our testing ensures that the online-based pari-mutuel wagering application complies with the relevant standards, that the wagers are correctly placed into the pools for each bet type, and that the dividends/odds are dynamically calculated, based on the wagers placed on each bet or event pool.

The main areas covered in Sports Betting & Pari-mutuel Testing are:

  • Rules are evaluated to verify that Sportsbetting functionality corresponds to the rules
  • Bet/event type rules are evaluated to verify that pari-mutuel wagering Bet/event type functionality corresponds to the rules of the Bet/event type
  • Functional testing – this includes testing for correct wagering operation –placing wagers, cancellations, calculated odds during betting, result entry, payment of winnings, abandoned events, refunds, controlled testing of wagering operation, verification of wagering transaction logs, and testing of wagering system interruptions
  • Verification of essential system reports – performance reports for games, player reports, and payment reports

What are the deliverables for Sports betting & Pari-mutuel system testing?
While testing is in progress…

  • Weekly progress reports with percentage progress for each module, and details about any issues holding up or delaying testing are sent
  • Weekly or bi-weekly defect reports, including screen shots, steps to reproduce, detailed explanations, customer comments, and priorities to indicate problem severity

On completion of testing…

  • A report outlining the evaluation conducted and the results of that evaluation
  • A certification logo to be placed on the gaming site, and
  • A linked certificate indicating compliance with the tests carried out. A hot-linked original certificate is maintained on the iTech Labs web site for verification of authenticity

If you have a Sports Betting System that needs testing, please don’t hesitate to contact the iTech Labs team here.